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‘We booked The Hornbrokers to open on the main stage of Thame Town Music Festival. This involved a flash mob-type opening from the audience area and they paraded around before mounting the stage to play a great set. This ensured that the festival got going with a bang and everyone was energised by these excellent musicians playing much-loved tunes. It’s also a musical form that is almost never experienced in a festival setting and all the more enjoyable for that.’


Thame Music Festival



"The Hornbrokers are the only high impact Brass band for events.

Super talented and above & beyond in delivering awesome live entertainment.’


Begin the party



‘Chris was fantastic! His megaphone vocals added another layer to the carnival getting the whole crowd sining along. Thanks guys!’


Private festival



‘The Hornbrokers are amazing! They were the icing on the cake to our special day! All of us doing a conga around the marquee will be a lasting memory.

Chris was always super chilled on hand to help with arrangements.’


Joe Baxter ‘Groom’



The Hornbrokers were a well needed icebreaker for our event as it was made up of 3 different branches who were rather reticent to socialise! The band got amongst everyone and instantly people started dancing and chanting along!


Animal Health Charity 



"We invited Chris with his trio over the Jubilee weekend celebration at Livat Hammersmith.
They created such a happy, cheerful atmosphere, our visitors loved their performance. They even made people dance and sing along.
Chris is not only a great musician but a lovely and friendly person. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his band to anyone looking for a music band to perform at any venue. 




"Never seen at a wedding party such an amazing band. Thanks to their talent, energy and irony they've brought the party alive... not even the heaviest ass could resist their groove!” 

Giovanni Wedding Guest 



"Really enjoyed this band at our mates wedding, they started the party off with a bang! Great tunes, awesome energy, the dance floor was popping!!!!” 

Karen Wedding Guest 



“Such a great band! Loved the interaction on the dance floor - a really memorable night.” 

Kate Wedding Guest 


"Full of energy and irresistibly danceable. They're unexpected and original but also a total crowd pleaser."

Pat Wedding Guest 

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